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Discover ancient cities!

Town Of Kos

The town of Kos was founded in 366 BC, in the same area where modern Kos nowadays is to be found. It climaxed during the Hellenistic and Roman periods, being a crossroad between civilizations, between East and West, the meeting point for both culture and trade. Its public market was of great fame during the antiquity and still is thriving in our days.
When entering the harbour of Kos town the imposing medieval Castle of Neratzia (the Castle of the Knights of St. John) is bound to draw your attention. This castle is connected to the mainland by a bridge that crosses the Palm Tree Avenue, the same one that connects the Castle to the Platanos, the large plane tree under which Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, used to teach. 


The archaeological site of Asclepieion (Asklepion, Asklepieion) is situated 4 km to the northwest of the town of Kos, in a grove of huge cypresses and pine trees. It is the most significant archaeological complex on the island and the most widely known among the total of 300 Asclepieia in Ancient Greece. The temple of Asclepieion, situated on a hillside with a lovely view over the Turkish coast, was built on the site of a still older sanctuary dedicated to Apollo the Cyparissian.

Things to Do

Explore the islands beaches!

Paradise beach
Paradise Beach is one of the most famous beaches on Kos Island, located around 7 km just before reaching Kefalos Village. It truly is a paradise beach (that’s how the beach earned its name in the first place) with fine white sand and crystal clear waters. It is extremely well organized, with sunbeds, umbrellas, water sports and restaurants with fresh fish, Greek and international cuisine. There is no chance of not visiting this beach when coming to the island. Even the locals, the first chance they get they’re off to Paradise Beach. Access to the beach is easy enough (33km from Kos town) by bus, by car, taxi and motorbike.

Kardamena Beach
Swimming, sunbathing and water sports take place on Kardamena’s long sandy beach. There is also an excursion boat, departing daily to Agia Irini, known for its thermal springs and its therapeutic waters that are appropriate also for gynecological related issues. Every summer in Kardamena the “Alasarnia” festival takes place, including many cultural events, theatrical shows, concerts, visual art exhibitions, traditional dances, scientific conferences and speeches, several competitions (cycling, chess etc) and the nautical week.In Kardamena they honour Agio Ioanni (St. John) on the 29th of August and Theotoko on the 8th of September with many festivities.

Go Shopping

The island of Kos offers a proud heritage of traditional Greek products together with what you normally will find in popular tourist destinations. A stroll through the old town of Kos offers you everything from olive oil soap and a jar of locally produced honey to the latest game console for the kids.

Kos is also a great place to shop for jewelry, leather goods, ceramics and textiles—there are plenty of good deals to be found. The more traditional artwork and craft items are also widely available throughout Kos. The supermarkets have an array of traditional products, but the main square in Kos town hosts a fruit and vegetable market where you can find fresh local produce.

Have fun!

Therma Beach – Hot Springs
Therma beach is located 8km after Psalidi area and about 10km from Kos town. Therma is exceptional, due to the hot water (that’s where the name came from) coming from the mountain which is beneficial for visitors. The hot springs are a real treasure containing elements such as Potassium, Sodium, Calcium, Magnesium, Sulfur and Chlorine ideal treatments for rheumatism, arthritis and any gynecological related issues. The beach and its hot springs were discovered in 1934 by the Italian archaeologist Laourentsi. Therma is a nice beach placed between large rocks and hidden from the rest of the world, but attracts many people not only during the summer but also in winter because of the hot water. Access to the beach: via bus, which runs daily to the area, by car, by taxi, motorbike and bicycle.

Zia Village Kos
The small charming village is located 17 km southeast of Kos in the mountainside of Dikeos, hidden among the plane trees and running waters. It is situated close to the Asfendiou village, just 2 km from the south. Zia is regarded as a pole of attraction for many visitors, tourists and Greek resorters. The village offers a magnificent view from the mountain. Before arriving at the small settlement, you will have the chance to admire three churches that were built on the slopes of Dikeos Mountain. There are plenty of traditional shops and great taverns with an interesting variety of local dishes and Greek recipes in Zia. It is worth taking a walk around the village or a short walk towards the mountain, the highest point of Kos island. Zia is popular for its amazing sunset.